We’re Now Expanding Rapidly Nationwide
FIVE Petroleum Malaysia
Elevating livelihood of communities through access to superior products & unique experiences leveraging adaptive and cost-efficient energy solutions. We are the world’s trusted energy solutions provider.
We are sowing the seeds today to harvest a better future for all.
Our vision is to expand our footprint globally starting from our very homeland, Malaysia. Our focus is the needs of our people and we endeavour to meet Malaysians’ energy demand first and foremost. With a proven track record of being the local trusted energy solution provider, we aspire to extend our superior products and cost-efficient solutions beyond our shores to benefit the rest.

Advance & Clean Fuel

Clean and powerful fuel for all types of vehicles. Have a safe and longer journey with FIVE Petroleum Malaysia!

Smart Cashless Payment

Enjoy smart and cashless payment via our FIVE Petrol App. Safer and quicker.

Convenient Point Collection

Collect points when you refuel and shop at all FIVE Petrol Stations.

Safe & Quick Refuel Experience

Don’t need to leave your beloved belongings or kids in the car. Leave the refuel process to us at FIVE Petroleum Malaysia.

Our Stations Gallery

Enjoy all-in-one refuelling and rewarding features at your fingertips!

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